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Company Background

1938- Founded by George Bishop (Industrial Advertising Reg'd).

1980- Dave Stanway signs on.

1982- George Bishop retires.

1984- Phetomical was incorporated.

1996- Adhoc Signs was added to the fold.

The company began in the screen printing (silk screen) industry and since grown, with the addition of Adhoc
Signs, into a multi-level full service graphics facility, offering products & services in graphic reproduction,
specifically in the special event, point of sale, product/corporate identification & promotion fields.


Our client list encompasses large & small local businesses, up to national & multi- national companies &
associations. Major sectors in which we are involved include: service, manufacturing, distribution, advertising,
special events, entertainment, real estate, sports / business clubs & associations, pharmaceutical,
telecommunication, film (movies), transportation, municipality, display & retail.


Currently, our services include screen printing (silk screen), vinyl graphics & full colour (indoor & outdoor) large
format digital printing; all with appropriate finishing capabilities.


We are centrally located in the lower downtown Montreal area, in close proximity to the Bell Centre, and
are proud members of the Screenprinting & Graphic Imaging Association International (SGIA).


The "best" way to produce what you're looking for is an increasingly illusive character. Technology is changing
so fast, it's a constant challenge for us to keep up with our own industry, and so it must be in yours. Each
application brings with it certain demands; quantity, budget, durability, time constraints, etc. We look at each
project on its' own, one by one, which helps us redefine the "best" way for your particular situation.

Sure, we're in business to make money and if you're looking for the "cheapest price in town" we're probably not
there, but we like what we do, deliver on our promises and give good value...since 1938.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to adding your name to our evergrowing list of satisfied clients; let us help bring your ideas to life.