Screen printing (aka Silk screen) is the process of printing through the openings between a tightly woven fabric, historically silk, that has been stretched over a frame...referred to as a screen. The screen is then coated with a product, which when processed, creates openings in the mesh, which is the image to be printed.

Once the screen is set up on the press, the item to be printed is placed under the screen, appropriate ink is then forced through the openings using a squeegee ....and voilą!....a beautiful thing.

For prints that whithstand the test of time, screen printing is the clear winner. Just about anything can be printed: glass, wood, metal, plastics, paper, textiles ...even circuits. Another enormous advantage is the economy for larger quantities.

A vast selection of specialty inks are adapted to each respective material. Screen printing resists the rigors of the elements, be it extreme temperatures, prolonged exposure to sunlight and can also resist mild solvants & chemicals. For prints that last, think screen printing.....think PHETOMICAL!